Five Star Testimonials

AM2PM - Safe...Caring...Qualified

AM2PM Childcare Learning Center has been amazing. You have a great staff. There have been a lot of positive changes in Michelle. As each day goes by, I see how happier, healthier and smarter she is and nothing gladdens my heart more than these positive effects your school has had on her. She has learned a lot from being involved in the various activities organized by your center. I wouldn`t miss a chance to tell anyone who`s looking to look at AM2PM Learning Center as it has been totally worth it.

Yvonne A.

I took my four year old to AM2PM preschool for about 5 months before we moved out of the state. I was highly impressed with the cleanliness and quality of the facility. The owner(s) were extremely accommodating to my odd schedule, also allowing me to give short notice if needed and they had the room for my daughter. The rates were awesome and the staff wonderful. My daughter loved going there and sometimes didn't want to leave! I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a well-priced, flexible and caring site. I'm sad I had to leave and only hope I find another daycare half as wonderful in our new town.

Cindy P.

My daughter is doing amazing well as a preschooler. She is keen about her assignments and always wants to show me stuffs. She is incredibly good with crafts. Sometimes, I wonder how she can identify objects and pronounce some words. Besides the remarkable improvement I have seen in my kids’ performance, I must commend AM2PM childcare learning center for all the love and attention they shower on all the kids, I often visit the facility to see how my child is fairing, but every time, I end up applauding the great job they are doing. It’s like a dream come through for my family and me. AM2PM Childcare id the best!

Natasha R.

The last four months have been hard as I've had to juggle taking care of an ill spouse, tackling ever-increasing workload at work and the care of two small children who do not interact with outsiders. My twins hadn't taken to any of their previous nannies, so I was a bit skeptical when one of my friends introduced AM2PM to me. Within a month of staying at AM2PM, both of my kids now play with other children and are cheerful and talkative. I can now concentrate on work and taking care of my spouse without worrying about them being ill-treated by a nanny because they are difficult. I always refer you guys to other parents at the slightest opportunity I get. You guys are wonderful!

Catherine W.