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Covid Precautions in Childcare/Preschool  

Childcare Preschool implementing Covid-19/Coronavirus safety measures since March 15, 2020

During these unprecedented times, AM2PM Childcare Learning Center has taken the leadership role in implementing state-of-the-art health and safety measures for our little ones.

AM2PM was selected by the state of New Jersey to stay open as an essential business to assist with childcare options for essential workers since Covid crisis started.

To reduce the spread of pathogens, following are some enhanced cleaning and sanitizing guidelines currently in use:

1. Staff/Children Daily Screening
2. Minimize Group Sizes
3. Staggered Outdoor Play Times
4. Limited Sharing of Supplies
5. Staff Required to Wear Masks
6. Reinforcement of Daily Healthy Hygiene
7. Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitizing Practices
8. No Visitors During Operating Hours (Exceptions Apply)
9. Touchless Hand Dryers in Adult Restrooms
10. Ultra Violet Air Cleaning Units Installed in HVAC
11. UVC Sterilizer and Dryer for Baby Bottles and Toys
12. Use of Central Vacuum System (as opposed to traditional vacuums) reduces childhood issues related to allergies, health, eye symptoms, and increased focus on learning

Since traditional methods are not enough, AM2PM uses SaniGuard Total Release Fogger which is registered and patented sanitizer that kills germs, bacteria, and viruses on contact, establishing a personal safety zone.

In addition, watch the video below for the use of hospital-grade eco-friendly electrostatic sprayers that mists electrically charged disinfecting particles while coating surfaces and assisting with virus prevention and avoiding cross-contamination. 

Click to Watch Use of Hospital-Grade Electrostatic Sprayers for Virus Prevention