Age 5 yrs by 12/31

Kindergarten - Full and Half Day

Our Kindergarten curriculum is based on the premise that all children can learn and that the developmental level of the learner must be respected. It is our intent to focus on the strengths of each child and to facilitate the learning process through inquiry, demonstration, and integrated hands-on experiences. Our goal is to foster the independence of each child so that they can view themselves as an integral part of our "Community of Learners”.

Emergent Literacy
Demonstrate book awareness by tracking print left to right, reading front to back, and understanding author/illustrator.
Participate in daily guided and shared reading.
Develop phonemic awareness through a study of the letters and their sounds.
Express themselves through illustration and written text using both transitional and conventional spelling.
Use journal writing in response to literature, personal feelings, and/or experiences.
Recognize high frequency words.
Develop an appreciation for poetry.
Contribute to group conversations and discussions.

Social Sciences
Interact with and explore the world around them. Conduct scientific experiments in which they make observations, predictions, and develop theories. Understand his/her role in the family and community. Begin to see the world as an interactive, interdependent universe.

Demonstrate an understanding of patterning.
Sort and classify objects by more than one attribute. Order and sequence objects and numbers.
Graph and interpret data.
Recognize and recall numbers 1-100.
Count to 110.
Understand the relationship between numbers and their sets.
Recognize and name geometric shapes.
Write numbers 1-50.

Socialization Skills
Develop self-control, self-discipline, and self-motivation. Work cooperatively as well as independently on tasks. Make positive choices.
Demonstrate compassion and understanding.
Celebrate and respect each other’s uniqueness.
Develop an awareness of positive character traits.

The Arts
Be introduced to a variety of musical and artistic styles. Use music for listening, singing, and movement.
Develop an appreciation for various artistic mediums including line drawing, watercolor, easel painting, collage, and clay sculpture.

Physical Education
Develop positive body awareness.
Participate in games that develop balance, locomotion skills, and good sportsmanship.

Follow simple keyboard and screen menu commands. Play independent games that enhance their work abilities in reading and math.

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